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Jun / Jul / Aug 2015
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Never again every single detail , no matter how small it was, didn't matter that much for us! In this project we invested our hearts & souls and the outcome was absolutely vindicative.
It was sure not at all for nothing, all those late nights that we spend sweating in our attic while coding like there is no tomorrow!
Konstantinos Gerogiorgos (aka Dino Gero), one of the most talented Greek jewelry designers, shares our passion not only for elegance, but for perfection too! Therefore this project has earned its place amongst our most beloved. It wasn't only our amazingly similar taste and aesthetics with Dino, but also the ease of our communication, the brilliancy of the ideas and the endless fun we had while we were working together to perfect our minimalistic approach for this beautifully simplified e-shop.


Minor Sin exceeds the conventional boundaries of a jewelry brand which simply wishes to embellish the exterior appearance. Here, sterling silver takes the shape of symbols which urge us to seek our own identity. Every Minor Sin jewelry seems to get intertwined with its bearer, man or woman, in a sensual dance of sinful desire. It becomes a vessel of our inner thoughts, hidden unmasked lusts and forbidden sins, transforming each jewelry box into a secret whisper vault.
Do you dare to open yours?

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Minor Sin | Design Jewelry


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