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Sep / Oct / Nov 2016
Cups of Coffee

In this particular project, the bet was to keep the atmosphere that exudes every Kouzouloum corner, which is a traditional Greek Pastry shop in the center of Athens that offers dishes and beverages.
We believe that we won the bet and the result satisfied us and the owners of Kouzouloum as well..

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In the summer of 2014 we met as new residents of Kerameikos. From the first moment we became friends and we bound so much that within two years we feel like family. It did not take long for us to feel the uniqueness of the area... Despite the years that have passed by and the modern world, it has largely kept the characteristics of old Athens. Classic houses with tiles, small theaters, walkways and corners that inspire you to take a photograph. Little taverns and bars like reminiscents of another era are scattered all over . Everything here is rigged from an artistic perspective and is composing the modern picture of Kerameikos.

Project name

Kouzouloum | Traditional Pastry Shop


Web, Templating